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Welcome to Tropical-plants-flowers-and-decor.

We have created an online gardening resource to provide educational guides on caring for and growing all types of plants.

Our plant guides include learning about the different types of plants, how plants use photosynthesis to create energy, propagation guides, specific growing guides by plant species, and much more.

Tropical-plants-flowers-and-decor is a garden passion project by Raj Lal. He has spent most of his life growing and caring for various plants in his garden and has now put his love of plants online to help others learn about plants and care for them.

On the site, readers will find engaging, valuable information about plants. Our content is for people of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced individuals interested in plants. The types of content you will find include science-based comprehensive articles on plants, care guides on plants, and gardening tips.

Planting and growing plants are activities most people find pleasurable, relaxing, and give us a chance to connect with nature, and perhaps bring our family and friends together while gardening. Gardening also has health benefits.

Taking care of plants and gardening has many benefits, and you can see why Raj Lal has created an online resource to share his passion.